Monday, December 21, 2009

Updates on upcoming Events!!

Hii all! Yet again back too updating!Sorry i dint post earlier because i have tons of activites...
Heres my list of activites i did...

Stay Over at Church Member House
Bible Exam
Youth Christmas Party and New Group!
John Lian organize outings
Futsal Competition Petra Youth won 28-17 against KLBCC(I score 3 woo hoo)
Watched Storm Warriors,Avatar and Jump(Overall Avatar Wins...Amazing!)

Then Up comings ACTIVITES!!!!!

Christmas eve caroling~Awesomeness and Joy~if bad results then cant go~lol
Boys Camp!! 2009!!! Petra Youth!!

Well i just pray and hope that the lord can give me good results in my PMR.Must stand firm.3A will do...I dont expect much...Haiz~

Well if you guys think that Christmas is just about Santa Claus,Decorations,Presents well your WRONG!!

Christmas is about Jesus Christ dying for us on the cross so that we may lived and have repentance.Christ-mas is Christ! Jesus Christ!! A day of remembrance of our dear heavenly Lord Jesus Christ.

For more information about Christmas Events do contact me in 0126901651
If your free in Christmas eve and Christmas Day please do come too my youth!See the difference!!!!

Ok thats for this updates.Sorry no pictures but i will upload some from Christmas Party day photos!See ya guys!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Uriah~Memories for life~

Since the beginning of group Uriah.I had tons of fun's and gain alot of trusted friend's.Group Uriah too me is one of the best group in all of the other groups,you know why?Because of UNITY and Gods Strength.When we were down,or we dint came too church,everyone start asking and calling,where are you?why dint come?Friends,friends like no other,we are all brother and sister in christ.This year i learn tons of things about the gospel and God.I thank god that i managed too bring 8 friends too youth this year,i hope they really know who is Jesus and why did he die for us.I personally want too thank my group commander of taking care of the members,i know its stressful but he gave a 100% supporting the group,thanks cyrus.AND OFCOURSE ALL THE MEMBERS AND PEOPLE IN URIAH! THANK YOU!! YOU GUYS REALLY MAKE ME REALIZE THAT I HAVE GREAT FRIENDS WHO REALLY CARES ABOUT ME!! THANK YOU ALL!! It was our last day yesterday,but i am sure we can still chat while we are in other groups.For now,Good Bye URIAH!! LAST CHEER! URIAH O-AH-O-AH-O-AH URIAH!! WE SHOW NO FEAR!! URIAH!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009


So...Group Uriah...this will be last week...we every cheer again....cause every year change groups and people...great memories....i wont brothers and my sisters....gonna miss far...this is the best group...i ever been at....hope that i can still be with some 2 weeks i will be in a new group...haiz....gonna be missing group Uriah!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2012?My Theories and Movie facts

Today i watched 2012 with ka fei and wen cheong.The movie is fantastic and i rate it 10/10,better than Transformers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen.Why?Because 2012 is talking about fact that this is gonna happen someday,we dont know when...but the Mayan's,I-Ching and other prophets that told this very coming day shall come to and end.Some people might be feared by this very date 2012 but too me...i wont the bible text it says that noman in the world could calculate when is the end of the world only the father,the heavenly one GOD knows.It wont be the end of the world until every human has a chance to know about Jesus Christ.Its pretty impossible but God work in mysterious ways.

My Theory what is true

The government has a secret organization who cares about the rich and themselfs,mostly the people would be the presidents,prime minister and rich ass guys.They would leave us too die,and this is the truth.Why?Look at the world now,war,economics drop,conspiracy and more.Talk about money?Seriously this the fact

Second,did you know what is area-51?America Military Organization has a secret facility for ALIENS and UFO'S.You might think i am bullcrapping this up,but please i do this research for more than 3 years and my father is also research on this stuff.He got tons of Aliens sightings aka UFO vcd and DVD.Aliens too some of you wont exist.Think again.Last year,during around june or july(sorry i forget the date),Italian Military spotted 7 to 8 UFO's flying across Italy too United States of America,How they saw it?Italian Military has advance technological device that track down any movements in air at their area because of security,scared getting attack by other country...Italian UFO's researcher blow out the secret to CNN and everyone saw it on TV LIVE.They question America,is their UFO's in your country that your keeping secret to the public eyes?America Military said : It might be some stars or flashing meteor,we dint have any UFO's in our Nation.FUCKING BULLSHIT

After the first atomic bomb aka nuclear bomb was release,tons of UFO's sightings around the world has been seen.Maybe aliens were trying too tell us something or warned us,we wont know what is it.But the truth is America is now the strongest country in the world,they got the most advance weapons in the world.If is really the end of the world they would not save YOU!US! first,but themselfs,important people.

Google AREA-51
Google Government Conspiracy
Google UFO Hunters in youtube,watch area-51 episodes

The end is really near as we know it,forgive your enemy as Jesus has told us too,I am not a 100% pure christian,but i am trying to learn about Jesus more and more,I hope this messenge can make you think that GOD does exist,just try to know who is Jesus and what did he done for us.

Scientist has proven that our world may not survive in the next 23 years in exact time period.

Please do read this,all is by my writting.I just hope we have more time.

Aaron Lee signning off.

May God be with you always

Monday, November 23, 2009

Whoa....What a WEEK!

Last week activities
Go Pavilion with Ah Pan,Randy and Nico
Get ready for Carnival in church
Saturday : Finally Carnival....Awesome and Tired

Tons of activities going and coming on~
Lucky this holiday wont be boring like last time!
Getting ready for christmas!!!!!

Cant wait!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Finally Updates...Sorry Late Update

John Lian kena Slap by Kar Weng!HAHAHA!
Waiting for food so take pics
Makan Time!!! At Saga Mountain~
Having Fun Time~
Glad to see happy faces
Yes is me lying on the floor...
Guys gaming on football

Well well...updates photo group uriah came too my house! It was alot of fun! But i was tired...coz running up n down checking on the foods,drinks n games,it was a whole lot of great memory!I am very happy they came to my house,chit chat,games,makan together.Sunday i went to bible study about God,then holidays for me....i started playing ragnarok,private server,quite nice,not boring,full of events n active players.Well heres some pictures to enjoy!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Last Day of School!!!!

Today last day of school lor....haixxx
Got lil bit sad because cannot see her and my friends.....
It's gonna be a long year has fast
Still gonna find a job...gain some experience first....
Gonna miss my school....the memories of friendship...
My funny friends who joke around...Gonna miss them...
Football with my indian friends....haiz.....
Last day today? Of course play football lar......
Score 15 goals because of bad keeper....
Tired....and i hope they have a great holiday ahead...
Pray lar....get at least 3A....No fails....TT
Thats all i have too share this time....Bye!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Extreamly Tired!!!

Woke up...Eat little bit....Wait for Ah Siew to come pick me up...Go straight to LRT Cempaka....took the fucking wrong train....wasted rm4.00+...then walk to Time Square watch michael jackson this is it....I rate it 9/10....His a genius and really he blew me away...50years old man still can dance and moonwalk...amazing?His the only one...who can do that...the stage performence was amazing...the lights,fire,gun personal favourite stage performence was smooth criminal....It was really a genius performence....stunning....why he must die...the lord call him too choice...but his music will lived on..forever..R.I.P Michael Jackson the King of Pop.

Back to out fucking journey to find jobs....cipet...guitar shop not open...walk around KL and cant find a job lar..but useless jobs....waste time only...looking for high paid and good job...haha....all the good jobs...16 above...cipet betul....wasted my time coming down....lucky got play a little bowling....AH SIEW LOST TO makan mcDonalds...go to pavillion...walk until my leg want break....6 hours of walking...Haiz...Dissapointment....Hoping for a good job....see my father friend can or not...

Monday, November 2, 2009


Amazing race was really hard....after the amazing race...i was dirty,sweaty and tired...leg pain lar...body pain lar...haiz..but great experience. Then today dint go school lor...go school also boring de lar...tommorow going to watch Michael Jackson This is it! cant wait...i am a big fan of i expect great things in this movie..tommorow i will write the review about the movie^^ Peace Out!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tomorow Amazing Race Finale!!

Tomorow exam race finale~at Petra Youth~cant wait....
Heard ppl saying it will be very hard
Better Prepare myself first....sure get dirty.....XD
And Uriah Beach Day Photos is UP!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today?nothing much happen..just over bored..XD

I skip school today again~coz if i go to will be over i wanted to have some rest at rush hour 3,eat,sleep,tidy up my room with all the football posters around...then afternoon go to ah siew house,watch michael jackson's private home videos,then i search for any interesting musics...i found out that many people in youtube keep posting videos about hows much music has change in this modern days!! argghh!! I mean come on...The Korean songs sing by G-Dragon and Super Junior...what kind of rythem is it...lucky the korean girls saves the day..SDSN was quite very good!! Their voice was unique and + pretty lor..If Lum see my blog he sure scold me cause his a big fan of offence man...LADY GAGA!! COME ON....What the hell is she singing?pok pok pok poker face...what happen to those awesome singers?Lyrics that have so much meaning like more than words by extream,Jason Mraz saves the day too me...his songs are very meaningfull~Well i am looking forward on saturday!! FOR AMAZING RACE FINALE AT PETRA YOUTH!!! CANT WAIT!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A little messenge too share~

I am always wondering to myself,why this world is full of violence,pain,destructions and war?I truly believe we are really living in the end times aka end of the world.Everysingle day more than a 100 human dies and every second as we have fun,talking to our friends a child dies in afrika.Loves ones was taken from them.Inmagine your parents died at your very face.What will you do?People doesnt care about whose dying but what if one of them was related to you?How would you feel?We should live in peace and forgive those who have done wrong to us.In this world,remember is not easy to get a second chance.I hope one day people will realize what is the true meaning of love,is not about you and you girlfriend or boy friend but your family,the people that you really care about,you wont know when they will die,take chances talking to them before its too late.

Bored out~~

Today? At school got cooking competition~~ Boring Betul lar~My group all dont no how to we ended up doing stupid foods....which taste like..=.=ll....well trust sucks badly...i was walking around the school doing nothing...lazy to help my group coz all also dont no how to cook..i went out of school and have a drink in a mamak shop~then come back about 10am + Tomorow not going school~LATER BORED OUT OF MY MIND AGAIN!! ARGHH!! CANT WAIT FOR NARUTO LATEST MANGA!! And Amazing Race Finale in Petra Youth is coming up!!! Who want join give me a call!! Peace out!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Petaling Street and BrotherHood Day

Today....haiz...tired lor....woke up at 8.00am,eat breakfast wif my dad then i go to morning worship and bible class.I learned about how important is quite time reflect in our life,its between your personal relationship with god to make you a better person in life,learning his words has truly changed me.After class,me,kar weng,john lian,jia chern,joey,KC,wai quen,jian zhou and boon loong went to eat lunch at chap fan(mix rice shop),after that toke LRT at pandan indah to pasar rakyat and walk to petaling street to buy our brotherhood necklace,if you see the group photo which i uploaded we all are wearing the same necklace,represent god and we are united together,god bring us together for a reason.I am sure our brotherhood will stay strong always,later on came back to pandan indah LRT station and walk to kar weng house,i play wif his cute dog name russell....such a nice dog very friendly.After that go back to church to have dinner,i eat mexican food,quite ok lar,but not really can eat until you fully loaded...then came back to house..bath...terus watch Liverpool vs Manchester can i miss it?!! Results Liverpool 2 Manchester United 0!!!! Amazing match,2 red card was was at marcerano( sorry if i spell wrong...coz the name very weird) one more is vidic from MU one...but it was an fantastic match. So this is what i did today!! Tune in for More!!! Chat at the Chat box remember!!!! Peace out!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Uriah Beach Day

Today quite fun,at youth girls must serve boys lor...but i dint expected their put on a haiwaii dance contest...=.=ll...well is all fun...we play around like monkeys...then girl serve us coconut water,salad and chicken curry,it was ok lar.Then Iris and Jowene sing some songs,clap for them XD. I have to go back early to eat steambot with my family...the steambot damn nice...VERY FULL...i eat quite alot...then come back online lor...raining season really sucky...still planning when to go to sunway lagoon...see the weather forecast all raining...celaka betul...but i have to be patient lar...tomorow go to church lor..sunday is serious day for christian learn more about god. Then John Lian says after sunday class go sungai wang buy some stuff maybe see movie...haiz..waste money only...=.=ll...dont no want to go or not...see condition first..John say belanja me makan and LRT ticket...duno real or not..haha so i will upload some pics tomorow...for today no pics...coz dint snap tune in for more updates by me Aaron!!! AND TOMOROW EPL 9.55PM MANCHESTER UNTIED VS LIVERPOOL FC MUST SEE!!!! I SUPPORT LIVERPOOL!!! cause liverpool very cham..lose 4 match...and Manchester number if manchester lose only best ma...compatitive little bit..haha XD..My perdictions....Manchester 2-1 Liverpool..but i want liverpool win..haha

KLCC school trip

My school got organize a trip to KL so i went there...22nd October 2009.Wake up at 6.25am go to school first i thought very little ppl...but alot..3bus...well...this trip was quite fun,we reach KL TOWER around 11am+,when going the lift air pressure in my ear make me so uncomfortable...i keep about 200meters above...i wonder what is like to look at the views when ur in the kl was pretty to see buildings,mountains and its quite and azim stick together walk around the kl tower...male teachers was talking about some girls swimming in the pool...lolx...but it was fun able to see the sineries. Later on we went to jungle tracking,its was at Hutan Simpanan Bukit Nanas,that was boring..just walk around..nothing much to see....just see some weird tree's...then saw some animals like parrot and horse...After that the bus take us to 2hours free and walk around..Me,Azim,Syafiq and Fitra eat at McDonalds,later on Fitra walk on his own after the lunch,after the meal we got 1hour and 20 minutes left,Me,Azim and Syafiq decided to go to petronas science awhile,look at some cool stuffs,rm7 gone...lolx...then after the petronas science we still got 20minutes time...Syafiq decided to buy one board short 50% discount so its rm44.90 only...Coz i invited him to go to sunway lagoon including Azim.I walk around the nike and adidas stores to see some football shoes and jersey's.Then 2.30pm go back to the bus...lucky we dint stay for too long at KLCC coz it was raining quite heavy.In the of my friend strip...and dance...we all sing along songs like I'm Yours by Jason Mraz...Linkin Park and some malay songs during the ride back to our school...reach our school around 3.30pm something...then go back home lor...terus SLEEP...Thats all for this time...Tomorow petra youth...a activity called uriah beach day..Girls serve Boys..haha i am sure we will have a good time..XD so tune in to next post!!