Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A little messenge too share~

I am always wondering to myself,why this world is full of violence,pain,destructions and war?I truly believe we are really living in the end times aka end of the world.Everysingle day more than a 100 human dies and every second as we have fun,talking to our friends a child dies in afrika.Loves ones was taken from them.Inmagine your parents died at your very face.What will you do?People doesnt care about whose dying but what if one of them was related to you?How would you feel?We should live in peace and forgive those who have done wrong to us.In this world,remember is not easy to get a second chance.I hope one day people will realize what is the true meaning of love,is not about you and you girlfriend or boy friend but your family,the people that you really care about,you wont know when they will die,take chances talking to them before its too late.

Bored out~~

Today? At school got cooking competition~~ Boring Betul lar~My group all dont no how to we ended up doing stupid foods....which taste like..=.=ll....well trust sucks badly...i was walking around the school doing nothing...lazy to help my group coz all also dont no how to cook..i went out of school and have a drink in a mamak shop~then come back about 10am + Tomorow not going school~LATER BORED OUT OF MY MIND AGAIN!! ARGHH!! CANT WAIT FOR NARUTO LATEST MANGA!! And Amazing Race Finale in Petra Youth is coming up!!! Who want join give me a call!! Peace out!