Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2012?My Theories and Movie facts

Today i watched 2012 with ka fei and wen cheong.The movie is fantastic and i rate it 10/10,better than Transformers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen.Why?Because 2012 is talking about fact that this is gonna happen someday,we dont know when...but the Mayan's,I-Ching and other prophets that told this very coming day shall come to and end.Some people might be feared by this very date 2012 but too me...i wont the bible text it says that noman in the world could calculate when is the end of the world only the father,the heavenly one GOD knows.It wont be the end of the world until every human has a chance to know about Jesus Christ.Its pretty impossible but God work in mysterious ways.

My Theory what is true

The government has a secret organization who cares about the rich and themselfs,mostly the people would be the presidents,prime minister and rich ass guys.They would leave us too die,and this is the truth.Why?Look at the world now,war,economics drop,conspiracy and more.Talk about money?Seriously this the fact

Second,did you know what is area-51?America Military Organization has a secret facility for ALIENS and UFO'S.You might think i am bullcrapping this up,but please i do this research for more than 3 years and my father is also research on this stuff.He got tons of Aliens sightings aka UFO vcd and DVD.Aliens too some of you wont exist.Think again.Last year,during around june or july(sorry i forget the date),Italian Military spotted 7 to 8 UFO's flying across Italy too United States of America,How they saw it?Italian Military has advance technological device that track down any movements in air at their area because of security,scared getting attack by other country...Italian UFO's researcher blow out the secret to CNN and everyone saw it on TV LIVE.They question America,is their UFO's in your country that your keeping secret to the public eyes?America Military said : It might be some stars or flashing meteor,we dint have any UFO's in our Nation.FUCKING BULLSHIT

After the first atomic bomb aka nuclear bomb was release,tons of UFO's sightings around the world has been seen.Maybe aliens were trying too tell us something or warned us,we wont know what is it.But the truth is America is now the strongest country in the world,they got the most advance weapons in the world.If is really the end of the world they would not save YOU!US! first,but themselfs,important people.

Google AREA-51
Google Government Conspiracy
Google UFO Hunters in youtube,watch area-51 episodes

The end is really near as we know it,forgive your enemy as Jesus has told us too,I am not a 100% pure christian,but i am trying to learn about Jesus more and more,I hope this messenge can make you think that GOD does exist,just try to know who is Jesus and what did he done for us.

Scientist has proven that our world may not survive in the next 23 years in exact time period.

Please do read this,all is by my writting.I just hope we have more time.

Aaron Lee signning off.

May God be with you always