Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Loving the holiday

Yesterday was awesome! I went out with my brotherhood gang again~ We had lunch at mamak and Cyrus fetch us too Pandan Lake Club there too play bowling! Woots~ At last i break my record!! First game-88- Second Game -79- Third Game -123-(Highest Score in my Life-5times Spare! woots ). Then John Lian,Wen Cheong,Primy,Iris and KC came and join. They played at other lanes,while me,Pu Xuan,Jian Zhou and Kar Weng played on other lanes as well. After bowling,John took us too makan~lolx~We ate Bak Ku Teh!! Very Full...Then go back lor...again sitting down and online...

Today pulak go sushi king with Ka Fei and Jim. Well....i one guy eat over rm 35....-.-ll yeah i am quite insane when it comes too japanese foods...Love it man....well it was fun chatting and laughing. Well hoping WEDNESDAY will be better because going out with friends too Time Square and Pavi!!
Watch Alice in the Wonderland...girls Suggestion..ikut jer lar~xD looking forward too Bowling! Addicted lioa! xD

Tune in too next time~PS:Yeah she's always on my mind~controlling love is very hard~you will know one day...=) Peace!