Saturday, January 30, 2010


Shechem another victory!
Me in action
Me n Ryan

Today was awesome~Alot of people came to youth~Meet passionate people~That have the spirit of fire burning in them to come to youth~Just Perfect~Amen~Meet 4 new friends like tze khang,ryan,kristin and moon siong~

Yet again another fantastic victory group Shechem has done~2nd time champion on 2 big events~Is not we are good but because every single people in our group are willing to give their best to the group~I salute each and everyone of you soldiers that has played captain ball today! I hope that this year group Shechem will be one of the best in history! Whose House is This? Shechem! As for me and my house!

Dance Dance Dance~

This week alot of dance practices coming up and down~Everyone in my group are giving a 100%~I salute everyone of them~Thanks for giving your full focus on this~

I was badly hurt during one of the stunts...It hurts badly...Being a superman flying there and here is not easy...when u fall...its gonna hurt badly...thats what happen too me..i was being thrown...then theres a malfunction on the otherside of the ppl who was suppose to catch me...they dint catch me and i fell...i was down about 10 minutes...That really hurts...LOL

Looking forward to more~I hope we are going to make one of the best performance on that day~I am the youngest Director in dancing...This is my first time...I hope i can give the best to my group! Amen!

And also life's been quite boring~Got lar...One person chat with me~Nice person indeed~Msn until 1am + Lolx~ Ok i admit shes cute~ Doesnt mean i think another stupid concept ok....Pfff~Hope to know that person more n more~ Peace out!! Tmr~Follow Yvonne go buy her GAMING COMPUTER WHOO HOO~ THIS IS FUN! =P