Friday, January 29, 2010

Tired Day~Life getting Harder~

Sekolah~macam biasa jer~banyak kerja sekolah~stress~tuition~less sleep~haiz..~got bad news...i am not gonna share it here...its about my some troubles...Life is getting hard for me....Its like going down down down...Lucky got ppl who care about me like John Lian advice me what to do..friends like wing =p~ not wing chua~is another wing...i know i got alot of friends name wing...dont no why..Lolx...So what i do to cheer me up? Listen to songs lor~ Boys like Girls The Great Escape~Love Drunk~ just awesome~ The Drummer is fantastic~ cant be like him~ Pure genius~ xP. Tomorrow can rest more..then tmr also got dance practice. As a leader i must teach and advice them what to do...although i am the youngest...i am sure god is working his ways in me. Amen! May Jesus be with us always~ ^^