Monday, December 7, 2009

Uriah~Memories for life~

Since the beginning of group Uriah.I had tons of fun's and gain alot of trusted friend's.Group Uriah too me is one of the best group in all of the other groups,you know why?Because of UNITY and Gods Strength.When we were down,or we dint came too church,everyone start asking and calling,where are you?why dint come?Friends,friends like no other,we are all brother and sister in christ.This year i learn tons of things about the gospel and God.I thank god that i managed too bring 8 friends too youth this year,i hope they really know who is Jesus and why did he die for us.I personally want too thank my group commander of taking care of the members,i know its stressful but he gave a 100% supporting the group,thanks cyrus.AND OFCOURSE ALL THE MEMBERS AND PEOPLE IN URIAH! THANK YOU!! YOU GUYS REALLY MAKE ME REALIZE THAT I HAVE GREAT FRIENDS WHO REALLY CARES ABOUT ME!! THANK YOU ALL!! It was our last day yesterday,but i am sure we can still chat while we are in other groups.For now,Good Bye URIAH!! LAST CHEER! URIAH O-AH-O-AH-O-AH URIAH!! WE SHOW NO FEAR!! URIAH!!!