Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese New Year EVE and First Day of CNY

First of all~Happy CNY too all of you guys who is celebrating it out there!Its the year of TIGER!We must be fearless and strong to face the trials that come our way!! ROAR!! =.= sounded gay......Anyway kick it off with yesterday new year eve...i go to my mom's brother's house at Puchong,which is my uncle house 2 make it simple...Started off with eating yu sang! one of my fav CNY foods!! Then STEAMBOAT AND PIG!!! MUAHAHAHAH!!! I eat quite a lot...Really enjoyed myself...then AUNTS...calling me...AARON faster come down! Dont play with the computer!Come and Gamble lar!Scare ar?== So what else...7 players on the table...the game is simple...its called 8,9,10...I put my RM 10 on the line...guess what..i win only RM 0.60 cents...PAI SEH!!! Thought i could win a lot...I was wining rm 4 then my LUCK 3 times in a roll i got 10...the highest and largest number..3 times in a ROLL...but won 60cents...Now! First day of CNY..Woke up at 12pm...Eat with my dad and mom at home..Mom's Special cooking~Then we did our own n mom gave my ang pau for sure lar...won't tell you how much~hehehe~Now i am going to play Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Multiplayer Online....My dad pulak jamming his guitar in his own guitar mom watching tv...Perfect! So relaxing indeed..Tomorrow only buzy..go many pau...and Foods...hahaaha! Will be updating soon~if i got time~Peace out!!!