Thursday, June 10, 2010

Glory to England!!! know what im thinking? You feel me? Im talking about non other than FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 SOUTH AFRICA! Im supporting ENGLAND all the way. Theo Walcott was not in the england team..that makes? Aaron Lee...AHEM..sry...Aaron Lennon taking the glory number 7 jersey and making him into the FIRST 11 players!! WHOO HOO!! What else? Nani had an collarbone injury and wont make it to national team...kesian that fella..his a pure talented player...i was supporting him...but now..his dreams are know how that feels? If i...i might kill myself....cry non stop...the world is waiting for him to

Get back to the brighter side! Lennon is playing on right wing while left wing is Wrights-Philips. Both consider one of the FASTEST player on whole england. Lennon is FASTEST,Philips is on the top 5 list. Im putting my money and hopes on ENGLAND this year. Spain also is a tough team to take a beating but im hoping that Rooney will able to help England to get this year world cup championship.



Last minute plan...Jun invited me to this...Cyrus,Michael and Celine was going was SKYTREX EXTREME PARK. At first i dont know what is i google it out and i saw it is really interesting so i decided to go...although it is one bunch of ppl that i dont know...RM 60 Food,Drinks,The Park,Bus far. Consider damn cheap for such a bloody nice experience. It was like 30 meters high ( 8 stories i think...) and flew down with flyingfox. Dangerous platforms hanging in one rope,blocks and much much more. It was always that height! So its pretty scary but its ok for me coz im not afraid of heights!!!! haha~ xD I meet a lot of new ppl and chat with them. All of them are very friendly and nice!! Im the youngest of all there...all of them were like 18 and 19...I was like...erm..ok...shortest and youngest...makes me feels like a KID! lolz!!! But it was a memorable experience and they say they are planning a camp on SEPTEMBER! I would really want to join them if i got chance =) . Awesome!!! Total Awesome!!!

PS - eat dinner after skytrex at pandan indah quans cafe...suddenly BUMP into Wing Yee~ LOL! AHAHAHA!! I was stunned....feeling? Shocked..Stunned...Owned...Lol...

Thats all folks~! Keep on rollin~


7th of June - Randy Siew's house,watched Paranormal Activity and play Assassin Creed 2 -
8th of June - SKYTREX EXTREME PARK - Meet a lot of new friends!!! - AWESOMENESS -
9th of June - Buy sports wear and one long sleeve shirt for my CosPlay in Camp -
10th of June - Pack stuff for camp transformation,tuition == and wait for pu xuan and wei quan come my house to overnight -

11th - 15th of June - CAMP TRANSFORMATION 2010 NO QUARTER!!!!!!

16th of June - REST AFTER CAMP,maybe go out with someone or friends me pls xD -
17th of June - Football with my team,as a always stressful,babi..tuition lagi,then yam cha at night? Anyone? xD NOT TO FORGET FIFA WORLD CUP 2010...WHOO HOO
18th of June - FREE DAY PLEASE DATE ME OUT!!! XD at night world cup whoo hoo~
19th of June - Err....youth gua...still not sure...
20th of June - Sunday Worship at church then go out with church members gua,movies? -

21th of June - BACK TO PRISON~But get to lepak with my indian and malay friends!! AHA!!! not too mention the results...errr...LOL-

Sry~Updates~Recent Life~

ITS LIKE A 100 Stuff that i want to share but i will make it super short~Sorry for the late

-Exam's over ( alot of people curi see answer...i also one of them...pfff )
-Life's been very good
-Learn what is the right thing to do
-face public humiliation to overcome my problems
-very stress before exam
-now waiting for my results....after holiday...

kk back to where i came post~