Saturday, July 3, 2010

Netherlands crush Brazil

It was 8.30pm i left my house with ka fei and drive straight to Steven Corner to watch the football match. At first Wei Quen and Kah Chun was already there. John Lian said that he will come early...but he was late....Johnatan din't show up,Richard was late due to helping youth Pa system,Dillion was able to make it and Kenneth also showed up. I was damn piss actually at John us to come early then he himself so late only arrive...==ll walao..

Match started. The place was filled with people...Shouting,Holding their breath,Supporting their teams...Brazil played well at first...but ended they lost their spirit of fire and Netherlands STRUCK BACK 2 goals! My hope was Brazil able to win...stupid...give up so easy...a footballer should never quit!!!!!!! ARGHH!

Feel like want baling kasut! After the match...played basketball for 30 minutes at MOBIL. Tired...Me,Wei Quen,John Lian and Richard vs Ka Fei,Dillion,KC and Willy. We won 21-16. Finally i train back some basketball skill~ MVP~ WooF! Scored 12 points~xD (Aku wakil sekolah dan menang 3rd in Daerah tau~ dulu la...1 tahu yg lalu) but now transfer to football~

Well tomorrow will be Argentina and Germany..hoping Messi will give his best! Argentina is my LAST HOPE in the WORLD CUP! COME ON!!!!