Friday, March 19, 2010

Took me 5 hours too write this lyrics.Copyright Aaron Lee

Well you guys know that i fell in love with a girl right? So i got nothing better to do i wrote a song down. Still a bit of cacat..but check it out. It is called. Waiting for this moment~

In my dreams
your kiss has never tasted so real
i can see your face
it's so clear
this hook was baited
to know you existed
and i hope i was listed
cause i've prayed to have
someone like you in my life
i thank God that He told you

I've been waiting for this moment
to have you next to me
To dance with
under the moon and the stars
and open sky
we should
dance forever till we can't stand
to stand on our feet
cause we're together and
you're not just in my dreams

Before you
i felt my life was drained dry
like desert sand
where there's no ins or outs
no sustainance, yeah
you're like rushing water
from oceans and seas
refreshing my thirst in the sand
and you see your presence
is evidence God is real
no need to sleep to feel

(Chorus back then ends) No idea left....