Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tragic News. 24 June 2010.

At 11.05pm on 24 June 2010. I receive a call from my best friend Fikry. I thought for sure he will be asking me about works or games. But is a totally shocking news,he was crying and told me that his father JUST passed away....I was stunned...I could not say anything because his father was such a nice guy and talks to me when i go to Fikry house. Just 2 days ago i saw him and he wave at me with Fikry...and now his gone.I NEVER THOUGHT THAT WAS THE LAST TIME IM GOING TO SEE HIM! Life is truly short and i dint get the chance to talk to him more.Let us pray for Fikry and His father. Although they are malay but i know GOD created us in ONE WAY,and I'm SURE he knows what his doing. Maybe we are different religion,but GOD is ONE. I'm sure one day we can see him back in heaven. We never know what will happen once we die..

To Fikry,bro i know your extremely sad about what just happen,but you got to know how to stand back up and live on.Your father want you to become a successful person in life.No matter in what stage we come through in life you must know how to overcome it.No matter what it takes never say you quit or just fall down.If you continue on like that,you will fail in life.It will 100% take time to recover the PAIN,but bro,even in the hardest time,i will be with you and talk to you.As a friend i will guide you if you need my help.Be strong and pray.

England vs Slovenia

And im back~On 23 of June. My family decided to gather in a restaurant to watch ENGLAND VS SLOVENIA. The game was win or lose it all....means if u lose or will be kick out of the competition...lose everything..8.40pm off to the place. A lot of people were there. We toke the front table sits. Just brilliant~Started off interesting then boring...I got to comment about the coach of ENGLAND...his strategy for the team is useless...For me,he failed to coach but ENGLAND somehow at the 27 minute..DEFOE scores and ENGLAND is through to the knockout stages. Ended 1-0. Well life goes on happily~God Grace is upon me =) Amen!