Saturday, April 17, 2010

PC Fair Comments~and +++

Today when to KLCC alone..reach there alone i alone..haih~i was waiting for ka fei 1hour like that one hour time~I did~

-Play PS3 with a england tourist. I won 4-2 ( BARCELONA FC (me) vs Manchester City (tourist) )
-Visited Nike and Adidas store..well you know me~xD
-kiss and touch the mercurial superfly II
-look at some football shorts

After that..ka fei meet up with me!We went too PC Fair together with his college mates.My comments in PC FAIR

The Goods
-Total many hot chicks making eye contact with you to sell their products...( i dint fall for it!)
-Ka Fei keep want too see hot chicks while i'm searching for my CPU stuff
-Played some games there~L4D 2 and MW2

The Bads
-Not much of a choice..disappointed indeed...
-Less stores selling CPU items such as GC,PSU....
-Stupid Streamyx and P1MAX staff keep fighting for customers..blocking the whole lane...

Well its a waste for me...but at least i get too kiss and touch the superfly II~

Eat-Burger King-BBQ Chessburger Set~ WOOF!!

Then reach back home,dinnner,GO YAM CHA with Kafei,Richard and Ritchie~
Went too OLD TOWN~