Friday, November 13, 2009

Finally Updates...Sorry Late Update

John Lian kena Slap by Kar Weng!HAHAHA!
Waiting for food so take pics
Makan Time!!! At Saga Mountain~
Having Fun Time~
Glad to see happy faces
Yes is me lying on the floor...
Guys gaming on football

Well well...updates photo group uriah came too my house! It was alot of fun! But i was tired...coz running up n down checking on the foods,drinks n games,it was a whole lot of great memory!I am very happy they came to my house,chit chat,games,makan together.Sunday i went to bible study about God,then holidays for me....i started playing ragnarok,private server,quite nice,not boring,full of events n active players.Well heres some pictures to enjoy!