Monday, March 29, 2010

Now i know....

I realize that everyone has a choice. Either you do the right thing or the wrong ones. Heh~I realize that i am not smart enough in life. I made a lot of mistakes...I cant control my anger and ego..I thought that i was better than others...but i am not...i am just a piece of shit...My problems are just nothing compare too what Jesus had suffer in the pass and other Christians that had suffer,tortured and kill just too spread the Gospel. I don't even know how too think..and i call myself a good guy? Yes..being a Christian is not easy. The Bible is the only guidance in our lives and we must know how too look at it. I meant not just by reading the words but the true meaning. If we don't understand the bible how can we understand God? As simple as that. The thing i willing too suffer as much as possible for God just for eternal life in heaven? I pray i could..I just hope i wont fall into Devil Traps anymore..I must be able to think twice before doing something...Devil plays a dangerous game...we cant fall if the word of God is with us. I am still young..i have much too learn.

-PS-I remove my chatbox because of some unknown ppl* write something bad about GOD....and now suddenly a comment from my other post saying there is no GOD.Just too tell you...Then who created you? Once you die...dont regret...dont cry for help in hell because there is no second chance..get too know God now..time is running out as the world is getting much worst..example global warming,earthquakes and more still too come...we will see then~