Friday, February 19, 2010

Spirit of Fire

Today i learn something....its to never give up even if you lose a battle or a war...The pain which i suffer today was insane...i was in tears...i can't take the pain..i am luck because it dint hit my backbone but my was 2 inch away to death...but my group gave a 100%..accident will happen...John don't worry about me.I will get back on my feet and fight.My group has the spirit of fire with them,i believe this year we will make a big impact in church.I always hate making decisions....but i must do it....trials will come...may god watch over me.Protect me and give me strenght that i need. Amen. Hoping tomorrow everyone will give a 100% for practice and make a big impact on 27 of feb.


More and more things are coming my way...i guess i am really fked...facing problems lately..many thing are coming so fast...time flies so fast....
- Up coming Olympics
- Monthly Exams
- Reaching my Goals
- And worst come to worst....controlling my emotions and my mind....

Sometimes is not about wining the prize,its about letting people know that something is worth doing.Sometimes if you wait for your goals it will slip away...but if you reach for your might not turn it the way you wanted in ending in tears...Its hard to not thinking about THE CONCEPT (which is a secret)...but suddenly you think of it...and you just want to laugh it off but you cant...keeps bugging your mind and pushing you...just see what happens when all things come down...I must succeed this time. Praying to God and commit everything to him. I know his watching me,i hope the goals i am reaching won't slip away and ending up heartbroken....I have faith in my goals.In hope i will not fail,i can't risk failing...I have to control my emotions and not to think about (secret).Controlling myself and be a stronger person.I hope people will see the difference in me.Amen