Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Heart Burden~

For you I'd write a symphony
I'd tell the violins
It's time to sink or swim
March and play for ya

For you I'd be
Running a thousand miles
Just get to where you are
Step to the beat of my heart

I don't need a whole lot
But for you I need I'd
Rather give you the world
Or we can share mine

I know I won't be the first one
giving you all this attention
Baby, listen

I just need somebody to love
I-I don't need too much
Just somebody to love
Somebody to love
I don't need nothing else
I promise girl, I swear
I just need somebody to love

I wish she was mine~

Being in love is totally not easy....makes your heart feel damn burden.
She makes me smile =)
She makes me sing
She makes me dance like a fool
She makes my day brighter

How you ever wish you really want to be with the one you love. That is just beautiful..but love is about understanding,faith,hope and caring. Saying might be easy but you must be with her everyday. I want to be with her..i guess i can only dream. Well i'll wait~ I'll be faithful