Monday, July 5, 2010


My God, My God,
WHY have You forsaken me?
WHY are You SO FAR from saving me?
SO FAR from the words of my groaning?

My God
I cry out by day but You
DO NOT answer,
by night but I find NO REST.
Yet You are enthroned as the HOLY ONE.
You are the PRAISE of Israel,
in You our ancestors put their TRUST,
They TRUSTED and You DELIVERED them.

They CRIED to You,
and were SAVED.
In You they trusted and were not disappointed.

But I
am a WORM,
NOT a human being.
I'm SCORNED by everyone, DESPISED by people, ALL who see me MOCK ME,
they hurl insults shaking their heads.
''He trusts in the LORD'' they say,
''Let the LORD rescue him''
''Let Him deliver him since he delights in Him.''
Yet You brought me out of the womb,
You made me feel secure on my mother's breasts.

From birth I was
from my mother's womb,
You've been MY GOD.
DO NOT be FAR from me for TROUBLE is NEAR,
and there is NO ONE to HELP.
From You comes the THEME of MY PRAISE,
in the great assembly before those who FEAR You,
The poor WILL EAT and be SATISFIED.
Those who SEEK the LORD,
May Your hearts LIVE FOREVER.

I hate Mondays....

Seriously man...This is shit!
I HATE MONDAY's!!!!!!!!!!

-Sure face the teacher that i hate....she hate's me and i hate her...
-Spot Check
-Waste my 30 minutes sitting down at the assembly listening to shitty news....
-Hard to wake up...lolz~
-No interesting subjects!!!

And today...aiyo....
Freaking Pengetua in my school...
Complain about everything...All she do is to complain...
Class Dirty la,Results shitty la,Haven pay FULL School Fee's la.....
Really...bro...nothing else you can say ar? == your pissing me off....
Shit man...
Wanna know my a honest dude...
Yes i fail 3 subjects...screw that....

See...I'm gonna get BAN from a lot of things...and worst i scare cannot do Song Item on Saturday...Can't perform then die la....

God HOLD ME NOW! I need you my LORD!!! SAVE ME!!!

Awesome Sunday~Family Outing~

4th of July 2010~ Ahh~ What a brilliant day~
My beloved cousin sister~Took me and her family to have a lunch at Bangsar Shopping Complex~
Eat Dim Sum at 12.20pm...Once i step into that place...Parking complex all Branded cars...Benz,BMW,Honda,Mini Cooper la....walao...STUNNED terus...
Guess what i wear? You know i don't go shopping..lazy....I wore rm 10 Guitar T-shirt,A cheetah Shorts rm 7 and a Asadi Slipper RM 5...

All of those rich ass ppl...wear branded..Gucci,Guess,blablablabla~I stunned...One girl bring IPAD there...CELAKA RICH...Iphone la,Nokia X6 la...ciss....tak guna..who cares..LOL!
High class place really HIGH CLASS BETUL~!

After Lunch we went to The Gardens in Mid Valley~Me,My dad and My uncle together while the WOMEN's walk there own places...coz women...always must take longer time one....
When to Nike,Robinson,EchoPark,FOC,Adidas,Sports Center~

My objective like usual....Nike Football Shoes....fall in love with it...TT
Saw a YANKEE's HAT and a hoodie shirt...SO DAMN FREAKING NICE!! but expensive like sial...
My objective is to get a Yankee's hat!!! Love it!!!Super Cool~

After 3 hours walking...go dinner at Yu Lik Stim Boat...after that still go OLD TOWN for Coffee~

What a brilliant day!!! xD enjoyed with my family~Kaw Kaw FAMILY DAY! Syok betul..Laugh together,spend time together baru syok!

Now i know what i want to buy...Going shopping with my cousin sister in August...
I have to get a Yankee's hat,A Hoodie shirt or a HipHop Style Shirt,A BoardShort and A Hiphop Sneakers~ xD
Din't go shopping for a long time...coz i feel is kind gay for a guy..LOL! But i realize im really have to get me some new stuff~

Ahh Awesome SUNDAY~!!!!