Friday, February 19, 2010

Spirit of Fire

Today i learn something....its to never give up even if you lose a battle or a war...The pain which i suffer today was insane...i was in tears...i can't take the pain..i am luck because it dint hit my backbone but my was 2 inch away to death...but my group gave a 100%..accident will happen...John don't worry about me.I will get back on my feet and fight.My group has the spirit of fire with them,i believe this year we will make a big impact in church.I always hate making decisions....but i must do it....trials will come...may god watch over me.Protect me and give me strenght that i need. Amen. Hoping tomorrow everyone will give a 100% for practice and make a big impact on 27 of feb.


More and more things are coming my way...i guess i am really fked...facing problems lately..many thing are coming so fast...time flies so fast....
- Up coming Olympics
- Monthly Exams
- Reaching my Goals
- And worst come to worst....controlling my emotions and my mind....

Sometimes is not about wining the prize,its about letting people know that something is worth doing.Sometimes if you wait for your goals it will slip away...but if you reach for your might not turn it the way you wanted in ending in tears...Its hard to not thinking about THE CONCEPT (which is a secret)...but suddenly you think of it...and you just want to laugh it off but you cant...keeps bugging your mind and pushing you...just see what happens when all things come down...I must succeed this time. Praying to God and commit everything to him. I know his watching me,i hope the goals i am reaching won't slip away and ending up heartbroken....I have faith in my goals.In hope i will not fail,i can't risk failing...I have to control my emotions and not to think about (secret).Controlling myself and be a stronger person.I hope people will see the difference in me.Amen

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Making a choice

Its hard making choices. Its not easy....Now a lot of things are going in my head...made me think..should i do it or not...not in a negative sense of way but in a positive way...its a choice and one step closer to my goals. Damn..i do hate complicated things...which i can't share...because its will effect some i felt something weird....its like a concept that keep running inside your mind...either you do it...or don't...if you do might be become bad if you don't do will also become bad...which is two way that leads to death...and you must choose....Been really stress out lately....I have been thinking too much...I am just a kid..should i think that much...damn it...well let's give time...and commit it too God in prayer. Prayer ALWAYS works! If you believe in it and put your trust to GOD. Amen.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yet another CNY day~

Well today was a bit interesting and boring~Best part~At old town coffee house~My uncle was so darn funny...keep talking about my dad lose his money over majong..rm 60 bucks..all of my family members was laughing like mad people...but its the best moment.I love when everyone laugh together as a family,one of the best thing.Well i eat hor fun mee and drank Old Town Enriched Chocolate at Old Town.My personal Fav is the chocolate~haha~nice le~as you can see from the pic~But before that,Fikry came and have a visit and played call of duty 4 multiplayer.He enjoys it,killing people is fun in the game but in the real life...its crazy...haha..who knows got war or not in the future...scary...TOMORROW BARU SYOK!! Go my Kao Fu house,i know my aunties will force me to gamble...but i will swim tomorrow..coz its a condo!Haha~Relaxing indeed~Well one thing i have to say..*Sometimes there are thing that i could not mind play games with me...i tried to control but i keep doing lar..its a secret...can't share here..or not kantoi...i hate to control THAT...everyone will do crazy things about it...LOL* Well there's still holiday so enjoy guys!!Can't wait to go back to church!! ROCK AND ROLL~

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Second Day of CNY

The Chin family my mother side~Loving this pic!
Me and my smallest cousin
Chilling with my mom at OLD TOWN
The Lee Family
Its the time for celebration yet again~First day was boring..but the second day was more interesting and fun! Eat a lot of foods~Well first destination was at Happy Garden~Second was Puchong~Family dinner~Enjoyed a lot. Talk,chat,gamble..and play with fireworks...My birthday is coming soon...I WISH FOR A NEW GAMING DESKTOP THATS ALL I WANT!! WHOLE SET! But i know..its not possible wont be a high end one...haiz..Tomorrow plan...err...i think morning lunch and people come to my house. Well we'll just see how it goes. Tune in!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese New Year EVE and First Day of CNY

First of all~Happy CNY too all of you guys who is celebrating it out there!Its the year of TIGER!We must be fearless and strong to face the trials that come our way!! ROAR!! =.= sounded gay......Anyway kick it off with yesterday new year eve...i go to my mom's brother's house at Puchong,which is my uncle house 2 make it simple...Started off with eating yu sang! one of my fav CNY foods!! Then STEAMBOAT AND PIG!!! MUAHAHAHAH!!! I eat quite a lot...Really enjoyed myself...then AUNTS...calling me...AARON faster come down! Dont play with the computer!Come and Gamble lar!Scare ar?== So what else...7 players on the table...the game is simple...its called 8,9,10...I put my RM 10 on the line...guess what..i win only RM 0.60 cents...PAI SEH!!! Thought i could win a lot...I was wining rm 4 then my LUCK 3 times in a roll i got 10...the highest and largest number..3 times in a ROLL...but won 60cents...Now! First day of CNY..Woke up at 12pm...Eat with my dad and mom at home..Mom's Special cooking~Then we did our own n mom gave my ang pau for sure lar...won't tell you how much~hehehe~Now i am going to play Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Multiplayer Online....My dad pulak jamming his guitar in his own guitar mom watching tv...Perfect! So relaxing indeed..Tomorrow only buzy..go many pau...and Foods...hahaaha! Will be updating soon~if i got time~Peace out!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Do not~I repeat do not buy ANY graphics card from Nvidia now(CURRENTLY)~ATI has killed Nvidia so badly....ATI are creating low price graphic card that will give you amazing performance!!! Example

Compare ATI Radeon HD 4870 VS Nvidia GeForce 9800GTX+

Price for HD 4870 = RM 410+
Price for 9800GTX+ = RM 550+

Running on Crysis~1900x1200 Max Resolution 4xAA,8xAA~

HD 4870 wins by 20%!!!!!!

So Nvidia....If they dont come out with a budget gaming graphic cards...I guess its really game over for nvidia!!

BUT~Those who wants to create phyx,gaming characters,texture,designing-ONLY NVIDIA SUPPORTS THAT



Anyone only a tight budget gaming graphic card~I suggest you get HD 4770 for 300+ only~Want more performance?GET THE HD 4850!!! RM 400!! BUT CRAZY PERFORMANCE!!! MUAHAHAHA!!!

CNY Coming

Yet another day i am going to skip school because scare kena* sick parents say rest lor...means holiday until next,next week! whoo hoo~CNY always crash on my birthday!!! WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN?? The good thing = Double Ang Pau, The bad thing = if i throw a party a lot of people wont make it cause it's the chinese new year...and parents say malas give ang pau...=.= damn it....How's my luck right?

Target CNY

Take rm 200 for my desktop funding
Take rm 100 for my usage like foods,drinks and books
RM 200 le~Give too my dad and mom.
Visit people house to collect ang pau....

So much for money money...haiz...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Recently i gotten sick~Bit of fever and sore throat..Now i am feeling much better...and good news...i will be changing my old noob desktop to the GAMING Desktop which i quoted for~Here's the specs~It is coming on March~

Corsair 2GB DRR3 1333mhz
HIS HD 4850 iCooler X4 512 GDDR3 (Better than 9800GTX+ and 4770 BY 30% above)
Western Digital 320 GB Hard Drive
Vantec Gamer 600 Watts PSU
Cooler Master Elite 335 Casing (Gamer Choice!)
19'INCH Predator Acer LCD ( Silver Version )

Won't tell you the price~haha~got special price because i know one guy~hahaha!

CANT WAIT FOR IT! Tomorrow i will be posting more about my recent activity~So stay tune~

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Life goes on~

Life goes on as boring as it gets. I am dying for cash to change my old desktop...I am a geek in this technology stuff so i am making the right choice coz my desktop is a PIECE OF ROTTEN SHIT. School gets more boring~I always want to sleep in class....Cannot tahan...Just tired...maybe its too BORING i guess~Teacher always in front talking~while other students talking...some got focus lar..i got focus lil bit...but my eyes get heavier every time i listen~Well darn bored...Internet also boring....I owned in Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer mode...I pwned all noobs already....The person that i want to chat goes offline....What more worst can it get....haiz.....

Previously i found my dream girl which is boa kwon~Genius in dancing and singing~SO PRETTY~~~~~~~AWWW~~~~~I wish she was mine!! I always admire girls who can dance! a girls that is pretty and can dance....really hard to find...LOL...well thats all for this time....bB~

Monday, February 1, 2010

Skipped School~

This gonna sound pretty cool~My parents let me skip school because i wanted to watch Manchester United vs Arsenal....Awesome right?? Hahaha!! Never regretted watching that match! Pure Awesomeness~Both team played very well but Manchester United crash Arsenal by wining 3-1...Nani was playing amazing!! Lucky Manchester United dint sell him....He proves them wrong by scoring a goal into the net with a great foot work~Well school was boring today said my friend so i was lucky i dint go~hahahaha or not will bored out my mind...can have one day too rest..memang bagus..a lot of people are going to shopping for clothes...just because it is CNY..well me..i dont buy clothes...hehe...i save money better....

Need to change my stupid old desktop!!! Arghh! I fix up the specs myself check it out~

AMD Phenom II x2 555 ( Black Edition ) 2.9Ghz
Corsair 2GB DDR3 1333mhz
Windows 7 Ultimate
HIS Radeon HD 4850 icoolerx4 512 mb GDDR3
MSI 770 C45 Mobo
Samsung F3 500GB
Huntkey BalanceKing 450 watt
Cooler Master Elite 335 Casing

Rm 1550 all together~Haiz...So how to get the money? Ram and Hard Disk price is going to raise after CNY....HOW AM I GOING TO GET THE MONEY??? HELP!!