Thursday, March 25, 2010

When the storm rise.

People said,how can you overcome this situation? Well i smile it off while my heart is bleeding in the inside. I hide like like no one else. While i act looking that i am fine. I am not brave enough too do that thing. So call me a coward or a loser because i know if i do wont be a success. My life is like being thrown away. Well i say,screw that! I know some people will think that i'm an idiot,but face the truth. I am not a perfect person. Even people say how good i am. I think i have problems also. Now i am walking a road which is like hell...acting i am OK from the outside but in the not that simple...i wish i could close my eyes and everything will be fine,but the reality is it will never ever come true. Why? Because shit's happen. Too me if people in my situation right now,who doesnt have the brain too think they will cry,emo lar...but me,everyday a LIFE is taken away..why should i give up and be an asshole crying about this...Yeah this situation is hard...but only the LORD knows what pain,suffering and problems i am in now..Its like being shot right through my freaking heart. Nobody ever understands this feeling. All the hardworks,you think it might be able too help but at the end of the turn backs and screw you up. Dreaming is useless now,all i can do is i overcome this heavy rain...this journey...LORD i pray too you...please...let me know what is the right thing to do now..