Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What a day ==

New Table

Dude it aint cool today man....Results were only LITTLE BIT improvement! Only like 5 marks above...50 to 55 only...celaka...BUT! History i pass after 4 times keep failing i succeeded to PASS~Hehehe~

What else? Today PJK football match...it was also aint COOL! I shot a ball over 20 meters range and it was so BEAUTIFUL curling in...but guess what? IT HIT THE BAR! TOP CORNER OF THE BAR! It would be A BRILLIANT GOAL if i really score that...ended the match we losing 3-0...sure la...we only got 9 people they got 15 people...==ll you think is possible to win when theres 8 people in defend field line? I was damn tired after the match...ish...but nevermind i wont lose hope because...School league will be coming up and i'm looking forward to be the next champion. Watch out!

And also i got a new table~Father bought for me =) Check out the pics~ Before and after~ Thats all for today...hoping tomorrow will be even better and get BETTER results! Amen!