Friday, March 5, 2010

People who let me see what is true friendship

Life has been really rough when i was 13. I barely listen's too my parents,do thing's the way i wanted,don't do my studies and just laze around almost everyday.
It was the beginning of a new era. When i meet some of the most trusted people and change me. It was people like.............
-John Lian-He will do his best too encouraged his members and hoping they could change.Organizing trips,stay overs and help his members to become a better person.
-Jia Xhen-He accepted Christ after 3 days in Camp Transformation and being active in Petra Youth.Showing his love for God and always be there for someone.Truly his a faithful person towards GOD.
-Joey Chan-Silent guy yet a genius who does not show anger,hatred and frustration.Patient guy who always help members in a silent way,his a brother who will do his best too make other people to know more about GOD. Helping members in studies and much more.Truly he is the person that i trust most.
And many more like Kar Weng,Boon Loong,KC,Jian Zhou,Wei Quan and Pu Xuan.

People who always there too help me in my troubles times. If it wasnt them,i maybe waking in the wrong road.People who never back's away.

Salute you guys. Hoping this year we can know more about God's Words