Thursday, April 22, 2010

Each smile makes a day better

Tons of people banging up my phone and talking too me about my problems.They say they would not understand what i am facing but what did the bible say? Jesus said that if you are going too take up my cross you must deny yourself. Its more than just suffering. Each prayer makes you stronger thats how i felt. Lucky i still got my funny indian friends cheering me up by making idiotic jokes with each other. God provides a way when theres no way. Yeah i admit my life too me is like shit now,but whatever i do...still i must overcome it. A soldier can fight in a physical war perfectly but much more plays games in your mind...Just like the way i love her. If i dont give up she might think i'm annoying. If i wait i wont know what happens in the future? I choose?? Waiting....just be myself will be better. Yes...I love her more than Football...happy now?SHAN? Hope he hears my cries and pain inside my heart. My soul cry out for you my LORD. Each suffering and pain...only you could understand. I will serve you my LORD. Help me too overcome this problems in my life.