Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today?nothing much happen..just over bored..XD

I skip school today again~coz if i go to will be over i wanted to have some rest at rush hour 3,eat,sleep,tidy up my room with all the football posters around...then afternoon go to ah siew house,watch michael jackson's private home videos,then i search for any interesting musics...i found out that many people in youtube keep posting videos about hows much music has change in this modern days!! argghh!! I mean come on...The Korean songs sing by G-Dragon and Super Junior...what kind of rythem is it...lucky the korean girls saves the day..SDSN was quite very good!! Their voice was unique and + pretty lor..If Lum see my blog he sure scold me cause his a big fan of offence man...LADY GAGA!! COME ON....What the hell is she singing?pok pok pok poker face...what happen to those awesome singers?Lyrics that have so much meaning like more than words by extream,Jason Mraz saves the day too me...his songs are very meaningfull~Well i am looking forward on saturday!! FOR AMAZING RACE FINALE AT PETRA YOUTH!!! CANT WAIT!!