Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yet another CNY day~

Well today was a bit interesting and boring~Best part~At old town coffee house~My uncle was so darn funny...keep talking about my dad lose his money over majong..rm 60 bucks..all of my family members was laughing like mad people...but its the best moment.I love when everyone laugh together as a family,one of the best thing.Well i eat hor fun mee and drank Old Town Enriched Chocolate at Old Town.My personal Fav is the chocolate~haha~nice le~as you can see from the pic~But before that,Fikry came and have a visit and played call of duty 4 multiplayer.He enjoys it,killing people is fun in the game but in the real life...its crazy...haha..who knows got war or not in the future...scary...TOMORROW BARU SYOK!! Go my Kao Fu house,i know my aunties will force me to gamble...but i will swim tomorrow..coz its a condo!Haha~Relaxing indeed~Well one thing i have to say..*Sometimes there are thing that i could not mind play games with me...i tried to control but i keep doing lar..its a secret...can't share here..or not kantoi...i hate to control THAT...everyone will do crazy things about it...LOL* Well there's still holiday so enjoy guys!!Can't wait to go back to church!! ROCK AND ROLL~