Saturday, January 30, 2010


Shechem another victory!
Me in action
Me n Ryan

Today was awesome~Alot of people came to youth~Meet passionate people~That have the spirit of fire burning in them to come to youth~Just Perfect~Amen~Meet 4 new friends like tze khang,ryan,kristin and moon siong~

Yet again another fantastic victory group Shechem has done~2nd time champion on 2 big events~Is not we are good but because every single people in our group are willing to give their best to the group~I salute each and everyone of you soldiers that has played captain ball today! I hope that this year group Shechem will be one of the best in history! Whose House is This? Shechem! As for me and my house!

Dance Dance Dance~

This week alot of dance practices coming up and down~Everyone in my group are giving a 100%~I salute everyone of them~Thanks for giving your full focus on this~

I was badly hurt during one of the stunts...It hurts badly...Being a superman flying there and here is not easy...when u fall...its gonna hurt badly...thats what happen too me..i was being thrown...then theres a malfunction on the otherside of the ppl who was suppose to catch me...they dint catch me and i fell...i was down about 10 minutes...That really hurts...LOL

Looking forward to more~I hope we are going to make one of the best performance on that day~I am the youngest Director in dancing...This is my first time...I hope i can give the best to my group! Amen!

And also life's been quite boring~Got lar...One person chat with me~Nice person indeed~Msn until 1am + Lolx~ Ok i admit shes cute~ Doesnt mean i think another stupid concept ok....Pfff~Hope to know that person more n more~ Peace out!! Tmr~Follow Yvonne go buy her GAMING COMPUTER WHOO HOO~ THIS IS FUN! =P

Friday, January 29, 2010

Tired Day~Life getting Harder~

Sekolah~macam biasa jer~banyak kerja sekolah~stress~tuition~less sleep~haiz..~got bad news...i am not gonna share it here...its about my some troubles...Life is getting hard for me....Its like going down down down...Lucky got ppl who care about me like John Lian advice me what to do..friends like wing =p~ not wing chua~is another wing...i know i got alot of friends name wing...dont no why..Lolx...So what i do to cheer me up? Listen to songs lor~ Boys like Girls The Great Escape~Love Drunk~ just awesome~ The Drummer is fantastic~ cant be like him~ Pure genius~ xP. Tomorrow can rest more..then tmr also got dance practice. As a leader i must teach and advice them what to do...although i am the youngest...i am sure god is working his ways in me. Amen! May Jesus be with us always~ ^^

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I know a few people in lowyat is waiting for my review in the XFX Nvidia GeForce GTX 285 1GB GDDR3!!!! Ok lets start of with the specs~

PCI Express 2.0 16x
Shader Clock 1476mhz!!
GPU Clock 690mhz!!
Memory Clock 2600mhz!!

Cude,PhysX,Sli all features supported!!!

It cost around rm 1100-900+

Insane Frame Rate in ALL HD GAMES!!!

Ok here comes the benchmarks~


Anyone who has money~This is the card to go for!! Post some Screen Shots in Crysis!

If you run this in SLI.. GODLIKE! Better than GTX 295 in 153%.....Cant say more...LOL

Thats my review on this card.. 10/10.... Amazing but HIGH PRICE!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pff~Yet Again....Arghhh

Man~Again its been a stressful week...not just the school works...not just the dance...but the freaking stay backs in school for activity such as st.john meeting,football practice and 100meter practice for Hari i had to finish maths work,history notes,bm notes and english essays...before that...i played football for 2 hours...thats only ran 100meter...DARN IT!!! I LOSE TO FORM 5 Indian least get 2nd place lar..i quite fast ok...-.-ll...My leg pain..and no energy because of 2 hours football non stop(ehem~bagi excuse jer~)....Mom scolds because of dirty clothes and shoes....Tak apa lar...Kan PMR dah over..setahun focus giler dalam study...sekarang..relax lar sikit* hahaha~I am planning to buy a NEW GRAPHIC CARD WHICH IS...I PRESENT TO YOU...ATI Radeon HD 4850!-RM 350-Just perfect...Running on Unreal Tournament 3 over 70+ Fate Rame PER SECOND! 1600x900! AWESOME! Budget Graphic card ok...If i buy others like 9800GTX will be 500+...and its not worth it... HipHop Dance is going pretty well so far. I am glad!! Just quite stress out lately...Well i pray that god is watching over me! AMEN!! Night Guys!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jun's Birthday Party!

Lets start off with coming to youth then i took 5 boys upstairs to teach them hiphop dance for cheerleading on the 27th feb.We are the group who started the most early...claps* to Richard,John Lian,Ritchie,Jia Xern and Je Hsi.I and Richard know all the moves already only few guys left havent finish yet*.After awhile 7pm.We go to Jun's house to celebrate her birthday! One Word it was awesome!! So many cute girls but i dare not to talk to them...well you know i am a shy guy... Played tons of games. Everyone keep saying the birthday party was AWESOME! One of the best!! Well this thanks to early planning by John Lian!! Now we are hoping that more people will come to youth and experience what we have experience in youth!! Petra is the place where teens would really enjoy!!!! Trust me on this!!! Well pics are up!!

Life of stressing has begin~

Life is really stressing man! Form many works...
Make your brains blow out!
Stupid Novels,Stupid Maths,Stupid History,DAMN IT!!
Not too mention st.john activities,prepare for dance,school marathon...blablablabla....
Dint get much sleep...Suffering insomnia...Damn it!!!
Lord spare me...Must hold on...HELP!!!!
I wish my dream girl is with me holding me...aww~~

xD haiz..Life is hard...Hoping teachers dont give so much work lar...think about us lar...i got tons of stuff to attend freaking brainless bastard teachers...write for 2 hours...celaka...arghhh!! I wish she could be with me supporting me TT~~ AHHHH!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Hii again~Well here's are a few things i dream of having this year! I know its IMPOSSIBLE to buy these stuff...Just nothing to post....Hoping this stuff drop down from heaven~ahh~1st dream present will be ACER PREDATOR!!!!!AWESOME GRAPHICS AND PERFORMENCE!!!!2nd will be Nike Mercurial Vapor V which cost about rm 789.90 if i am not mistaken....Cristiano Ronaldo wear one...Then 3rd will be F50i around rm 700+ also~Well my life so far...little bit stressing...alot of stuff need to finish lor~well thats it for now! bb!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ATI HD4850 vs Nvidia 8800 GTS TOP

Technology is growing faster and faster everyday as we know it.A lot of people are finding budget graphics cards in order to play future games.In the other hand..I am stuck with one problem...Should i get Nvidia 8800 GTS TOP for free or buy the ATI HD 4850? 8800 GTS TOP win over 9800 GTX if overclocking it...But HD 4850 is the latest technology and only cost around rm 300+...Having a hard time to choose...For the better or saving....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Enjoying My new Life~

Yesterday it was SHECHEM HOUSE Entertainment Day!

Well we sing some songs and eat foods of course!
Form 4 life was going smoothly,finish my works in time.
Hoping to get good results in the coming monthly test!

My class was shifted to another block...haiz
So now..I sit infront!
ok lar..can concentrate more..cant talk or sleep..LOL
Well still training hard in my dance moves
Because! Cheerleading is coming up!Need to master all my dance moves!! Hard but i will do my best also lar...alot of ppl counting on me..the whole group is...
Ok thats it for today..Will be posting soon~

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Form 4 Life

I am gonna be 16 soon...Time pass so fast le~

Go to my class...4 EK
Sit on the third row in the middle..
I sit with a Malay Guy call Faridwzan
Teacher explains how hard and not honeymoon year...
I beginning to be afraid...
Look around i am the only chinese guy in class...
But its ok,now is to focus to study well get CREDITS!

No FAILS! Must be Hardworking no more slacking!


Monday, January 4, 2010


2009 has passed,and now 2010 a new ERA begins.Its was just like yesterday i was sleeping and now i woke up and i am going to be in form 4...Time passes so quickly when your having a good time,you wish it will never end like the holidays but it is now ended.I guess in the year of 2010 i must be more serious as a person,mature,stronger,taller,smarter and set an example as a Christian.

Well back to the blog...Sorry later updates..but i was too damn tired and tons of activities and duties come by me on Christmas...Here are the photos + Shechem first victory!!!

As now i am form 4 and my PMR results are GOOD! But i dont no why i go ekonomi..i know alot of people getting chance in Science...Nevermind i still am happy where i am.I will be active in St.John starting this year..and more hardworking on my works...