Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jun's Birthday Party!

Lets start off with coming to youth then i took 5 boys upstairs to teach them hiphop dance for cheerleading on the 27th feb.We are the group who started the most early...claps* to Richard,John Lian,Ritchie,Jia Xern and Je Hsi.I and Richard know all the moves already only few guys left havent finish yet*.After awhile 7pm.We go to Jun's house to celebrate her birthday! One Word it was awesome!! So many cute girls but i dare not to talk to them...well you know i am a shy guy... Played tons of games. Everyone keep saying the birthday party was AWESOME! One of the best!! Well this thanks to early planning by John Lian!! Now we are hoping that more people will come to youth and experience what we have experience in youth!! Petra is the place where teens would really enjoy!!!! Trust me on this!!! Well pics are up!!

Life of stressing has begin~

Life is really stressing man! Form 4...so many works...
Make your brains blow out!
Stupid Novels,Stupid Maths,Stupid History,DAMN IT!!
Not too mention st.john activities,prepare for dance,school marathon...blablablabla....
Dint get much sleep...Suffering insomnia...Damn it!!!
Lord spare me...Must hold on...HELP!!!!
I wish my dream girl is with me holding me...aww~~

xD haiz..Life is hard...Hoping teachers dont give so much work lar...think about us lar...i got tons of stuff to attend man...you freaking brainless bastard teachers...write for 2 hours...celaka...arghhh!! I wish she could be with me supporting me TT~~ AHHHH!!!