Sunday, July 18, 2010

What a SUN~~~DAY~~

What a tiring day~Woke up at 11am.
Drink a hot chocolate to get me going to church.John Lian pick me up.
After youth worship session then bible study class..
after sketch practice...really WALAO...haven eaten anything...until 3pm!!
Lucky Cyrus ordered chicken rice and i curi makan sikit...beh ta han already....

After sketch practice le....Me,Boon Loong,John Lian,Kar Weng,Celine,LeeChoo,Primy and Jenny watch the movie PREDATOR which is 18 managed to go in and see...ahahahahaha!! That fella blind i guess..xD anyway still thank god =) The movie was okok la~Fighting scenes was cool but storyline sucks!!!

Before watch movie le...i ate BEEF LASAGNA it was bloody awesome!!! RM 15.90...damn deli france...but worth it!! DAMN NICE!!! Brilliant!!!!

What a tiring day indeed....hoping the coming school days no problems will come...praying hard....i cannot control my patient.....Im sure the Lord will guide me =) AMEN!

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